Your pet's oral hygiene is important in preventing infection, both orally and to its organs, tooth loss and discomfort. Routine care can add years of pain-free living. During the examination, your pet's mouth will be assessed for swelling, abscesses, excessive tartar and odor to determine whether a cleaning is needed. 

As is the case for any surgical procedure, preliminary bloodwork is done to allow us to determine if there are any underlying issues that may interfere with anesthesia, followed by the administration of an individualized anesthetic protocol. We are fully equipped to scale and polish, take digital x-rays, retain them for future reference to monitor your pet's mouth in the future, and perform extractions. Your pet's vital signs are monitored throughout any procedure and pain is managed via a stepwise pre-surgical sedation followed by post-surgical medication, as well as Low Level Laser Treatment, which aids in the reduction of inflammation and increased blood circulation.